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Sewing services in Lower main land .

604 569 6359

** Alterations, Custom made garments, dresses, curtains, pillow cases, bags, toys.
** Uniforms. 
** Fabric consultations and Private Sewing lessons.

For details please call or contact us via email:

It will be helpful if you simply explain your ideas.Especially for wedding gown alterations, please attach some photos as well as some basic descriptions of the treasured gown that needs to be altered.Such as what kind of the fabric it is, how many layers it contains, etc,. so We can have a basic idea about the job in order to give you an estimate.

Please note that we are not specialized in measuring rooms and windows. if you want some curtains done, please provide measurements, designs, as well as fabrics and notions. 

If you want to get a dress or a pair of pants made, Please provide the fabric as well as the pattern, or if possible, a sample clothing as references. 

Thank you .