Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tutorial: How to make spaghetti straps

The pictures below are from Aneta. it is a maxi dress from blu-moon .
Aneta wanted to make something similar to this design, only to be two parts, so she can wear the top with shorts, pants or jeans, and the skirt also can serve as a beach wrap.

and.........................after 8 days.....................

Tomorrow, Aneta is flying to Hawaii to spend her Christmas holiday there with a beautiful set of dresses (2 tops and 1 skirt) inside her smart suitcase!

they look simple, sexy, feminine and elegant.  the  fine spaghetti strap design is the key .

here is how I made the straps.

cut bias straps, fold and press

sew at 1/4" along the folded edge to make a tube, to make it stronger, sew twice

 cut off extra seam allowance closely along the stitch line.
use strong sewing thread (and double it ),and a thicker needle to stitch one layer of the tube a few times

push the end of the sewing needle inside the tube as a guide to turn the tube inside out.(the harder to do, the finer your spaghetti straps will be  )

pull the straps as tight as can be, use sewing pins to secure both ends, press.

WAIT , until they dry.

or, leave them at the iron board until it is the time to put them in your dress.

Enjoy !

I hope you will enjoy this little tutorial and make something for the coming summer..I know it is still winter, but you could feel extra rich to make summer things in Winter.

Of course people dress up in silk dresses in Winter too, only it is not me.

 I wish I could get some chances to dress up and chill down in the winter..Imagine ! after long hours drinking in the pub or a hotel or somewhere---after that fun, I'd like to wait for taxies in silks in the winter rain, I do not care, I'd love to!

Thanks for watching.

Happy holidays!

(BTW, please let me know if I have any grammar or spelling mistakes in my Second or Third language)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

5 Tutorials :Fabric Wreath

Here is the easy fabric wreath that I made with my daughter. I used this traditional Chinese floral patterned fabric... for the colors. red and green.

cut out a cardboard ring. cut fabric with seam allowance

 iron on interface to give the bow a little shape.

turn the ring inside out.

insert the batting.

sew the bow...

here it looks nice when there is a little wind blowing the bow.

I found some other tutorials to share them with you.they are all well made and stylish. check them out and enjoy!

Which one is your favorite?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sharing: Recycling Jeans-- Great Projects and ideas!

This handbag is made for a friend from her own old jeans.
A lot of cutting, ironing and color matching.
But the result is satisfying.
It looks beautiful. Above all, the old jean's warm feelings are well preserved and the bag is sturdy and very comfortable to carry, touch ,or just look at.

This hat was made for myself from a pair of old jeans. After washing it in the washer, I got the nice fray along each seams.

the picture below is from one of my favorite etsy sellers, green trunk design .she makes great looking hats and the model , I guess is the designer herself, is very beautiful too :)

I also found some nice jean recycling projects on line. here are some of them that I like.
please enjoy the pictures and links slowly. and Thanks and claps for  all these crafters and artists, because of you, life is a little bit more  beautiful, and the world is little bit more, better.

a magnificent chair cover...from

a lovely little bag from

a nice and easy thing to make , and look at this  cute girl, from

the sturdy-looking circle...find the tutorial here:

Please leave a comment if you like these projects as I do. and please let me know if you have some jean recycling projects that you'd like to share with me and everybody.

I am going to post more regularly, and I've got many more projects and design ideas and tutorials to share, come back and see you soon. Thank you :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Best Selling Jackets

I made these Jackets for Talia design's winter and fall collection. They turned out to be the best seller.
Here are some pictures from my home, and followed by them on models.

These Jackets are design and cut by Talia Design , visit Talia design to learn more.