Monday, May 13, 2013

the Chinese print dress

love this print.

basic strapless body hugging semi circle dress, for tea parties, maybe.

lined, boned, structured. surprisingly stable and comfortable. not tight at all. after making this one, now I know why the Monet print dress kept falling down I had to make straps for it.

will have a tea party. probably invite my busy phd-student-mother friend to shock her with my colorful ethnic impractical dress! wow, she will say, don't you just like black and white.

no, green and red too.

especially in a cloudy day. I need a photoshop...

wear under my woolen cape. will blog the cape sometimes later.

Monday, May 6, 2013

summer dress

 Summer is finally here. time to reveal some real flash after such a long rainy winter. I am extremely happy because my allergy, oh my allergy, it is gone.

thanks to my allergy doctor and my nose doctor, without them, I might have vanished due to physical pain and mental anguish..bye my allergy.

 normally I draft my own pattern. or, buy discounted pattern, oh, tear up a ready made to copy a pattern. this pattern, however, I bought full price. I do not know why.

no need to brag about my childhood poverty here. but, please remember the reason I sew is because I wanted new cloth, instead of one-outfit-per-year.

 I cherish my childhood memories. when my mom was still my age(and she stays to be the pretties girl in the family). Mom, I love you, even though you never taught me how to sew, and you never sewed for me.

I love this dress.

because I made it.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tutorial: making the blazer

please do not be mad at me for making a bad tutorial. I tried after all. It is not an easy job. 
sewing and cutting. it is almost impossible to take pictures at the same time,  I can't find a place to put down my camera.

this is the blazer.

this is the one for pattern.

 the best way to get a pattern: dissemble and trace.

some tools..

 more tools. (love tools, can't have enough of them.)

I got the pattern!:)

hand basting. 

after a while.....(omitted many steps..ironing the interfacing, ironing the seams, ironing the corners, sewing a thousand stitches, trimming extra fabrics, poking corners, etc,. )

sleeves. the most complicated thing. just because we have curved bodies. 
sometimes I wish I had a body shape of a cube, so it would be easy to make a slip cover for it. 

After a whole lot while. the blazer was done . ha.
make the lining and put them together. you have a very sharp very nice blazer to go! 
(it is easy to say.)

Thank you!