Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tutorial : the simplest and very special silk blouse

let`s see ... I would like to say I draped it.. 
even though it was not a fancy evening gown draping, still, drape is drape.

I like it!

Below was the silk fabric. heavy and full, a gift from my sister more than 10 years ago. I've been saving it relentlessly.  I guess for two reasons. 1:fabric hoarder symptom....2: I had too much things on my mind or + too much fabric to cut..

 Here is how I made it .

fold it like doing origami. 

fold again so to form an angle, in order to cut a hole.

 here it goes.a circle . cut and done.

 it is a bit too big........though......but no regret.

I hanged it around my own neck and measured the length and sleeve length. using a few pins to secure the position, so I might know where to cut.

done. here are the 4 corners.

put 2 pins under the arms, there went the scissors.

apparently I cut too much (again!) it is okay to have an uneven blouse as it is supposed to be loose.......but it can not be too tight..

the triangles that were cut off  saved my blouse.
anyway, it needed some "design details"....

sew them together using my serger
look what I got.
not that bad.

look at the waist line, the "special design details", was not it nice?

as the collar was too big, I cut straps using the left over triangles and attached it to the collar.

Thanks for watching. Hope you liked this tutorial.

sometimes it is cool to sew up a thing quick as a wink. especially it is for myself. 
I CAN spend a few weeks on one single garment, but I often choose to do it fast for pleasure whenever it is possible.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Model needed, dress for sale.

Model needed to show case these two mini dresses!
 I will offer the black one for free. 

If you can reach Metrotown area in a sunny morning, the picture shooting will take place  in my humble/shabby home. with my Canon camera and a tripod, no studio lights ...but, with bottled ice coffee from Starbucks. 

If you are between size 2 - 6 and confident +  interested + have some spare time, pls send your pictures to ulooopstyle{at}gmail{.}com.

Thank you! 

This is the orange dress.
It features a cut out shoulder design. An invisible zipper at the back. A raw serged edge at the bottom. 
4 way stretch lycra , bright orange with silver dots.
hand wash/cold water/hang to dry.

If you want to have this orange dress, go ahead.

Depends on screen, the color may vary.  On my screen, this is very close , however the real dress seems shinier and brighter.

 This is the black dress that will be yours.
no should cutouts. 
raw edge. leather like. stretch, nylon lycra blend.
hand wash/ cold water.
metal zipper at the back. 

The dresses are similar to this one below.

Black dress with puff sleeves

She likes puff puffs. I like her. So, there she goes.

Excited to see models wear them..

I am so proud to show these pictures from Ruby. Again, she designed these clothes. and I did put all  the pieces together (except for the black tank and the blazer.) Ruby had these pictures taken in Berlin. 

Red silk pants with cuffed hem.


Silk mini dress with side pockets.

wool coat.

Silk polka dots skirt ,opens in the front.

jumpsuit with layered front and sleeves.

hand dyed long cotton dress.

Ruby's website coming soon...

hand dyed long cotton dress

Vancouver based designer Ruby designed these beautiful dresses. They have a wonderful texture so heartwarming. You really want to touch them..

Cut, ready, Sew!

earthy colors...

Ready in my little studio :) 

later, Ruby took them to Yukon for the photo shooting..........