Thursday, February 24, 2011

a pair of handmade shoes

these shoes are for me only...size 5 1/2.
I am drafting the patterns for bigger sizes now, hopefully will get them done soon.

personally, I believe this style was the origin of women's shoes....they are so practical and adorable.

classical summer hat

Winter is still here. But chilly sunny days are my favorite for this season.
of course warm sunny days are even better, and that is why I am in BC------just for those better summer days.

Friday, February 18, 2011

pink thing

I hardly have pink fabric...if not for my daughter, I will never ever have anything in pink.

but my dearest little pink daughter--ahh, she only wants pink, and her girl friends too.
I made two simple dresses, one for my pink girl, one for claire, the birthday girl.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pre-schooler's bag

Something for my little girl to hold her lunch box ,water bottle, and her art works that she brings home everyday.

when denim meets satin

Do you shorten your jeans by yourself? or do you keep the fabric left is a little pouch who seeks your love.

when you buy a pair of long jeans, you can also have 2 little pouches like this.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

red, red and more reds..

I made these small leather coin purse from an leather skirt.
it is amazing that you can turn an old, out of style thing to such a cute purse.
sturdy yet soft to the touch.

this red fluffy clutch bag is made for my sister. she likes feminine things, while me, I like plain and simple style, not too feminine, not too manly either, of course.

again, small coin purse for a girl, no matter how old is she....

who knows why red is such a provoking color.
it lights up the eyes.

more hats I made!

these two beige hats were made from wool. they look innocent. I love them, the one with a little bow and 3 old buttons is a size smaller, perfect for my daughter.

all hats are full lined, which give them a more sophisticated look.

hand made hats

recently, I have been crazy about making hats.
I want to try new styles, even though I also like classical, simple styles.

little cosmetic bags

I made these last Christmas for the girls working with me.
I think girls, no matter how old they are, like colorful things.
or, maybe because of the holiday season, they prefer colorful ones.
only one special lady, she chose two plainer,solemn ones...
my daughter, she wanted to keep the flowery one.