Sunday, October 23, 2011

Design your own pillows!

And, Let me sew them together for you!

These pillow cases are made for the master gardener Stevie. a good experience for both of us:)

Beautiful floral patterned fabric and an invisible with matching color.

visit Stevie at : Garden therapy

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Handmade flowers

I've been pondering hard about the skills of making this kind of fabric flowers. until one day I found it on the net. of course I was overpowered and excited and was telling everybody about this flower. 

One night, a friend of mine came to my house, a Ph.D student of language culture or some sort. Looking at what I was doing, she said causally, you are making the fabric flowers, what for? let me help you do this, I made a lot of them when I was small...........I was speachlesss------------how come you did not tell me before? I wanted to know how to make them and even  post a question online. .. she said, did you ask me? I thought everybody can make it.........oh, 

somebody is just lucky to have a crafty mom...even when there was not such a thing like internet, she could learn things!

I learned this from simply vintage girl.

click here : simply vintage girl  to see her tutorial. 

Pencil skirt made for D-

D-is a European girl who studys Computer science. she has a great figure and that's why she likes all her clothes to be tight fit. She sent me a picture along with the woolly fabric she bought. I happened to have the exact zipper to match.

The skirt fits her perfectly. skin tight. It is always good that a person has her/his own signature style. and even better that you can get things made according to your own taste:)

Bride's maid dress

This dress is made for the only and very honoured bride's maid, the elegant Jan, Doctor Jan.
It is from Vogue's Vantage pattern. Jan chose a heavy woven satin. she wanted to use the wrong side of the fabric which I thought was very unique.

Some pics from the pattern.

Then pics of the finished dress.

The top part of it---color altered by the 12-dollar-Canadian-tire-lamp.
 (with a handmade flower of my humble and simple design)

The hooked neck:)

The gathering around chest.

The invisible zipper at back.

The very narrow bridle hem.

The first version of the dress.. as the fabric is dense and heavy, it somehow looked too much due to the sheer volume of gatherings around the waist line. we decided that it had to be done twice-- to lose some weight...

And then, it became lighter, both, the top and bottom. see the difference?

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you have a good day and stay calm and content and happy.